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HEX color space introduction

Also known as the HEX color space.
Source: Hexadecimal color codes originated from early computer graphic design, where there was a need for a concise way to represent colors. Since each RGB channel can have 256 possible values (ranging from 0 to 255), they can be represented as a two-digit hexadecimal number.
Primary name: Hexadecimal color code
It is represented using 6 hexadecimal characters, typically prefixed with '#'. For instance, red can be represented as #FF0000; the first two characters represent the red channel, the middle two represent the green channel, and the last two represent the blue channel. Occasionally, there might be 8 characters where the first two represent transparency (alpha channel), but this is not standard.
Usage: Mainly used in web design and CSS style definitions, but also in other scenarios where a quick and concise representation of color is required.
Pros: Hexadecimal color codes offer a compact representation of colors, making it very suitable for web and coding environments. Cons: To the general public, hexadecimal codes might not be as intuitive as other methods. For instance, seeing #FFA07A might not immediately suggest the color light salmon to most people.

XYZ D50 color space introduction

Also known as the XYZ D50 color space.There are 3 channels in total,X,range from 0 to 1.Y,range from 0 to 1.Z,range from 0 to 1.
XYZ with D50 illuminant, referred to as XYZ D50, is a version of the CIE XYZ color space referenced to the D50 standard illuminant. The D50 illuminant represents a color temperature of approximately 5000K and is often used in the graphic arts and printing industries.
XYZ D50 color space.
In the XYZ D50 color space, colors are represented through X, Y, and Z dimensions, referenced to the D50 standard illuminant.
XYZ D50 is primarily used for comparing colors under daylight conditions, especially in the graphic arts and printing industries.
The XYZ D50 color space, with its daylight reference standard, is particularly useful in color proofing and management.

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